About Us

Organized in early 2006, Fire Trucks 4 Hire is a dispatch and referral service, providing fire apparatus to private events and projects. All event and project services shown on this web site are provided by various locations -- or "Stations" -- and each Station is managed by independent owner/operator(s). Each Station Manager maintains their truck(s), licensing and insurance requirements as independent business entities.

If you are a fire apparatus owner, or interested in acting as an independent-but-associated Station, simply Contact Us for more information about signing on! Fire Trucks 4 Hire offers contact and customer management, web site design and hosting, and administrative support for your fire truck business. (And as poor a business model as it is, this service remains available at no cost to our Station managers.)

Fire Trucks 4 Hire is a business unit of Wicktonville Fire Department, Inc. The web site is maintained by WFD's Technical Solutions Center.

About our Station Owner / Members
We happen to think fire trucks are pretty neat -- so we collect them. Knowing not everyone has the parking space to collect, and the time to invest in keeping them up, it seems reasonable you may still love to have one at your disposal for your next gathering -- and we're here to help!

Most of our Stations are owned and operated by past or present public safety employees: firefighters, police officers, and the like. We understand the trucks, how and why they do the things they do, and can explain the job to the satisfaction of most, whether they are 3, 33, or 83 -- and honestly, we love sharing everything about them, and our knowledge of fire service, too!