Donation Requests

As a small, family-owned business, we understand and appreciate our success is because of our neighbors and community who choose to host visits with us -- and without whom we would not be in business. So, thank you!

We strive to be an active community member, and are happy to provide support in the way of a donation of visits for schools, community organizations and other non-profit groups. We also try to focus our support on those directly in our immediate community and, accordingly, have these donation guidelines:

  • With the closure of our come-to-us venue in Livermore ("Fire Stations 4 Hire"), we've had to revisit the practicality of service-based donations. After reviewing the bang-for-the-buck... meaning, on average our $269 party visit was fetching under $100 per donation, for 2017 and beyond we have shifted our donation and corporate giving program.

  • Our primary donation path is now cash-based donations, made to organizations that support burn prevention, education and survivor support. Our Board directs that annually, the greater of either 1% of all gross profits, or 10% of net profits, be donated to such organizations.
  • Our leadership team will still consider fire engine visit donations, but these are going to be on a much smaller scale, again, to ensure receiving groups receive a comparable retail value for the donation. Send your written donation request, on organization letterhead and including details of the fund-raising effort, the benefactors, and deadline date, to our main office folks, by mail, to Wicktonville Fire Dept., Inc., 1452 North Vasco Road #124, Livermore, CA 94551. (This ensures *all* requests to our back-office folks most directly.) Email and phone-initiated requests are not accepted. The target communities of service donations are early elementary-focused organizations in the Livermore Tri-Valley.

  • We choose not to support groups who may limit, exclude or discriminate against any group or class of people -- we have a 'love one and all' approach, and support organizations that share this philosophy

At the conclusion of the event / auction / fund-raiser, we do request that we receive an acknowledgement letter, which indicates the selling/purchase price of the gift certificate. (Failure to receive either or both does put future requests lower into the donation queue for consideration in upcoming years.)

Thanks, and stay safe!