Neat Fire Truck Stuff

The science of firefighting, its history and equipment, can both be a fun read, and add unique elements to your event plans (if you're really intent on a true, fire-theme party). We've found these links have great information, but if you're looking for more detail, feel free to Contact Us -- we are always happy to chat with you and offer whatever assistance we're able to provide.

How Fire Engines Work — from

How Fire Extinguishers Work — from

How Smoke Detectors Work — from


Other Fun Fire-Related Links

If you're into fire vehicles - especially older ones - check out both the National SPAAMFAA (Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America) club (web site here) or its two California Chapters; the California Chapter (web site here) is state-wide but slightly more concentrated in Northern California, whereas the Southern California Chapter (web site here) is more SoCal based.

Whether your future firefighter is a fan of LEGO®, or you just appreciate creativity, visit the Lego Township Fire Department. They also feature some fun details about fire call boxes and how they work.