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If you're looking for a fire truck for your next event, but are outside of California, there may be a fire truck event service in your area. We've compiled a list of those we are aware of for your reference.

Save yourself the hassle of running around town for fire engine / fire truck / firefighter party supplies -- Check out these Fire Truck Party Supplies (free delivery over $65, too!).

Fire Trucks 4 Hire is NOT associated with any of these other businesses, and cannot recommend or endorse any one provider over another. This list is here for your convenience in finding a fire truck service provider in your area.

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We are confident our no-surprises approach to prices, availability, and what you get when we show up is just what you're looking for. So, we're not afraid to show the who's also in business in areas we serve (marked by the red ovals under California). We invite you to call the other guys for a price quote, and when you see the fantastic value we provide, we welcome your call to book with us.

If you own or know of a fire truck company that isn't listed below, please email us at info (at) and we'll add them to the list. Similarly, if you find one of these providers is no longer around, we'd also appreciate the update so we can remove their name.


For on-vehicle RIDES in California, a service provider would be licensed by the Public Utilities Commission, is safety inspected by the CHP for 10+ passengers to offer rides or transport for hire/pay, and demonstrates proper insurance, driver drug testing., etc. To our knowledge, only Fire Engine Tours & Adventures has a PUC-issued TCP number to offer such a service. To protect yourself from liability in case of injuries or accidents, if any provider is offering rides as part of their service, they should be able to provide you their TCP number, which you can verify with PUC @ 1-800-877-8867 or online, as a valid passenger carrier. (For any offering services to children without adults present, PUC also coordinates background checks for drivers to ensure passengers are not subjected to contact with the wrong sorts of persons.

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