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Livermore Engine 2

Our class 1977 American LaFrance retired from Garden City, NY in 2005.

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Livermore Engine 5

Our 1983 Pierce Dash has a small footprint but a mighty 750 gallon tank.

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Livermore Engine 8

This 1993 Pierce Dash joined us from Arkansas, now at home in Livermore.

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Livermore Engine 10

This 1983 Pierce Dash joined us after retiring from Washington state.

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Livermore Engine 14

Our 1989 Pierce Dash provides overall backup to the other fleet apparatus.

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Manteca Engine 92

This 1994 Spartan/Hi-Tech is the latest addition to the Manteca Station.

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Manteca Engine 1282

The last apparatus tagged and built before Van Pelt ceased operations in 1987.

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Manteca Engine 2312

The gem of the family is the 1966 Crown Firecoach in near-museum-quality condition.

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Manteca Engine 6222

This 1988 Pierce Arrow provides a host of services to the Cental Valley region.