Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've compiled a list of the more regular questions and answers we often hear... but if you have others, please Contact Us -- we'll answer them, and add them to the list to share with others.

Event Planning

As of April 2018, a staffing (and vehicle) shortage has compelled us to reduce our services significantly. As such, we have suspended most weekend events (parties, parades, and the like).

We've had an AWESOME time visiting with folks - tall and small - dating back to 2006, and look forward to the possibility of resuming this work when our staffing levels increase to a level where we have enough people and engines to support ALL our customers.

Other Random Bits

Absolutely! And if you also running a similar business and would like to be listed on our Other Fire Truck Sites list -- or better yet, join us -- just email us with your link information (our information is in the Contact Us page).

Okay, yes, the "for hire" is something of an uncommon term in the United States when you compare it to something that's available for rent. In our case, you aren't renting a fire vehicle, you're hiring the vehicle AND crew member(s). (We actually do not rent our vehicles without a driver for a number of reasons, the least of which is we're not Avis.)

Over time, some locations close up as others open. Changes tend to occur either as family situations change, interests change, things break down, or the simple reality of partying every weekend with someone else's family can take its toll on one's own home life. We've had a few Stations relocate or simply close, but the remainder are fully committed to providing our services while balancing non-fire truck obligations. And after 10+ years at this, changes are bound to occur.